Dr Nissim Raphael Ganor Passed away on Friday March 5th 2010.
Dr Ganor was 86 years old at his death.

This site is dedicated to his research work “Who Were the Phoenicians”

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WhoWereThePhoenicians.com is dedicated to exposing Dr. Nissim R. Ganor’s book “WHO WERE THE PHOENICIANS ?” to the world.

So… who where the phoenicians?
The Greeks called them Phoenicians, but we do not know what they called themselves. Known as courageous sea-goers and settlers around the entire Mediterranean basin, some claim their reach was even further. Who were they? Not only were their territorial accomplishments impressive, but their legacy includes being known as “the inventors of the phonetic alphabet”, which became the key driver of all western cultural development.

Words of praise from Meir Ben Dov, Historian & Archeologist
“…[This research has arrived at] surprising and far-reaching conclusions in unexpectedly diverse aspects in the history of the near east, from the dating of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt to the evolution of monotheism …the significance of his challenges to common dogmas and his propositions regarding many fundamental yet unresolved problems cannot be overruled by any serious scholar of the history of the near-east, the Bible, and the land and people of Israel. For that alone, this work deserves a proper place in the library of anyone studying these subjects. One can also not remain indifferent when reading this book, which despite being an indepth scholarly study is far from being a dull read. Rather, it reads like an exciting adventure in intellectual discovery.  I strongly recommend the publication of this new translation and hope it will reach the audience and gain the recognition it so deserves.”

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