Dr Nissim R. Ganor born in 1923 in Jerusalem. His family roots in Jerusalem goes back to 1650.

Ganor started his research on the Phoenicians and the invention of the phonetic alphabet (believed to be invented by the phoneicians) in 1952 when being a student in Geneva Switzerland, this led to a long jouney of research and invention.

Being multilingual (Hebrew, English, French, Geman, Italian, Arabic and Greek) he read and researched many thousands of books and articles on the said subject leading him to surprising and innovative ideas anout the Phoenicians, the Israelites and the history of the middle east. His book “Who Were the Phoenicians” was first published in Hebrew in 1974 (Publisher was Reshafim) , yet he continued his research which culminated in this current English publication in 2009.

A Pediatrican (Graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusaelm Medical School in 1956) who served as a member of the Israeli Medical association Ethical committee, a member emeritus of the Bible Museum, the Alphabet Museum both in Tel Aviv.

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